Strategy and operations consultancy

Leverage a strong global agribusiness network and industry expertise to deliver tailored strategic plans, operational improvements, and ESG strategies

Business assessment and strategic plan development

Evaluate and assess operational, financial, and other business performance to deliver strategic planning services, board representation, budgets and management coaching.

Operational improvements including business development

Assess agricultural operations in relation to machinery utilisation and efficiency, agronomy, key production figures, infrastructure, land, technology, sustainability, and human capital to deliver client-centered solutions. 

Investment due diligence and financial modelling

Provide comprehensive due diligence to evaluate and analyse investment and deal opportunities.

Supply chain analysis

Identify and evaluate supply change operations for optimization and cost efficiencies

Crisis management/restructuring/asset rationalization

Deliver tailored services to both prepare for and address crisis management concerns ranging from asset rationalization, management restructuring and strategic planning.

ESG Advisory

Incorporate ESG-consciousness by establishing or improving ESG strategies to enable sustainability in production and along the supply chain as well as address climate change in the long run.

Agritechnical Advisory

Leverage a strong agribusiness network of technical experts to deliver detailed analysis and performance-oriented solutions for your agribusiness

M&A and Investment Advisory

Conduct comprehensive due diligence and analysis to evaluate and implement strategic, operational, and financial initiatives.

Deal sourcing, origination and analysis

Improve deal origination processes by using our global network and access along with proprietary tools and insights for deal evaluation

Commercial due diligence

Conduct in-depth and exhaustive due diligence into the target firm or deal to provide detailed insights into the commercial, operational, financial and strategic position of the target.

Transaction management

Process, manage and oversee transactions using a customised strategic approach to mitigate risk achieve the best financial outcome

Capital introductions 

Utilize our strong global network of experts, leading industry players, agribusiness financiers, and agribusiness professionals to provide capital introductions  and capital raising services

Asset Management

Bluegrass can help address general asset management needs such as advising, monitoring, and developing strategies to best manage assets for family offices and agribusinesses.

Board oversight

Provide expert insights to the board and shareholders to optimize asset management strategies and decision-making processes

Operational oversight

Work with the management team to oversee the implementation of the strategic plan and drive initiatives through reporting, accountability systems and planning.


Support clients in fundraising through the provision of sophisticated tools and analysis to develop and oversee tailored strategies.

Bringing more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Bluegrass has extensive experience and industry knowledge comprising of operational, strategic, and financial expertise which translates to comprehensive and tailored strategic advisory, M&A services, and asset management.

Health And Nutrition

Strategic Advisory & operations consulting
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Advised executive management on the global crop science and aquaculture strategic plans. Assisted the company on its debt fundraising process with institutional investors.

Bluegrass also forms the business development strategy team for the APAC region, providing advice on partnerships, deals, key accounts, and everyday management.

ESG advisory for the Company’s Planet of Plenty initiative.

Multinational Food Corporation

Strategic Advisory & operations consulting
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Advised the executive management and global procurement team on diversifying sources of cacao to develop new chocolate products.  Undertook a market study to procure fine flavour cacao beans in South America, Africa and Asia Pacific.

ESG advisory to improve the procurement of sustainable cacao and the creation of a CSR strategy.

Development financier

M&A and Investment Advisory
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Researched, sourced and contacted potential lending partners for an APAC based development financier. Bluegrass work included analyzing and provided commercial due diligence on deals for the Agribusiness Team

Bluegrass also provided ESG advisory services to assist them in climate mitigation strategies 

Private Equity Fund

M&A and Investment Advisory
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Conducted commercial and operational due diligence for a potential investment in the Philippines

Financial Advisory firm

M&A and Investment Advisory
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Conducted financial due diligence on commodity trading companies in Asia

Intergovernmental organization

Strategic Advisory & operations consulting
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Provided advise on attracting private capital into responsible investing as well as took part in the formulation of responsible investing frameworks.