The RPP is an investment platform built to drive partnerships to address the ongoing challenges and negative externalities pertaining to carbon emissions in the animal protein sector

Why is the RPP Important

Traditional protein will continue to be the major source of protein in the next 20 years and is expected to almost double by 2040. .Despite the recent boom in alternative proteins, they hold less than 1% of the global meat market.

The majority of meat consumption growth is expected to come from emerging Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa mainly due to urbanization, increased incomes, and availability of packaged and processed meats.

Traditional protein production is associated with key environmental issues:


Water Degradation

Anti-microbial Resistance

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Zoonotic Diseases.

Addressing these challenges through investment is key to improving efficiency and mitigating carbon emissions in the animal protein supply chain, especially in emerging countries where poor practices and improper management are more prominent.

The animal protein sector is expected to increase

How will THE RPP help?

The RPP platform will enable collaboration and partnerships between strategic players, investment professionals and institutions concerned about the environmental impact of animal

The RPP will tackle four key themes which are the main contributors to carbon emissions in upstream animal protein production

Animal Health and Nutrition


Animal Welfare and Comfort

Waste Management

Exploring new deals

Bluegrass is looking for deals in mid-large sized companies that requires funding in one or more of the following:


Business transformation into responsible livestock production


Establishment of infrastructure that support responsible livestock production practices


Optimization of agricultural practices, including elimination of poor practices


Improvements to animal nutrition and productivity