Challenges of sustainable food production

With the global population reaching a projected 9.3 billion by the year 2050, the agriculture industry is faced with many challenges threatening food security and the sustainability of our food systems. Today, over 2.37 billion people suffer from food insecurity, mainly in Africa and Asia.

Greenhouse gas emissions, poor infrastructure, integration of technology, water and land degradation, and animal health and nutrition are among some of the key issues shaping agricultural sustainability. By 2050, food production will need to increase by 60% to feed 9.3 billion people. This will require significant effort in these avenues from private and public stakeholders.

Bluegrass’ commitment to sustainability

Bluegrass Partners is inspired to achieve a Planet of Plenty, aligned with Alltech’s vision to create a more abundant world where there is enough nutritious food for all. The agriculture industry has great potential to shape our planet for future generations and provide for the growing population.

Achieving food security and mitigating climate change issues in agriculture will require heavy investment to shape infrastructure, integrate technologies, manage agricultural practices, and improve inefficiencies in the supply chain. Bluegrass Partners is committed to address the chronic underinvestment in the Global South to mobilize change and achieve an abundant world.

Core to Bluegrass Partners’ philosophy, the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2, 14, 15, and 17 highlight our focus on bringing positive change to the agriculture industry. Our services contribute towards enabling an abundant world where natural resources are responsibly managed and there is enough nutritious food for all.

UN SDG 2: Zero Hunger

With the global indicators of hunger and obesity worsening, investors and industry play a major role in solving the major questions of how we feed an additional 3 billion people by 2050 in a safe, abundant and sustainable way.

UN SDG 15: Life on land

With the world’s soils being depleted and increasing urbanisation changing the nature of the supply and requirements of food systems, investment in the sustainable management of land resources is key to ensuring food security.

UN SDG 14: Life below water

Much of our food is harvested from the seas, oceans and lakes which also provide us with drinking water and impact our climate, weather and health.


UN SDG 17: Partnerships

We recognise investors and the private sector as lead instigators and facilitators in directing and sustaining industry development.

Our Services

With agriculture being responsible for 19-29% of total Greenhouse gas emissions, there is a crucial need to take concrete steps toward effective mitigation strategies and increased investment in this space.

Bluegrass Partners believes in investing to catalyse sustainable change and growth in the agribusiness sector. Our investments, through the RPP, goes through a bespoke sustainability index to address environmental, social and governance factors, focusing principally on carbon emissions.

As the ESG landscape evolves at a rapid pace, Bluegrass Partners also works with agribusinesses to develop strategies and work towards operational efficiencies to achieve profitable and sustainable growth.